Wayne Rooney has Brought up a Revolution at the Club of DC United

Since a long period of time, the club of DC United had aimed the month of June of 2018 as the turning point. It was the time everything would transform for 1 of most storied institutions of American soccer, which had also fallen on a tough time in recent years. And as it took place, the opening of an all-new stadium worth $400m in last summer also coincided with a controversial upturn in the fortunes for the club. Mortar & Bricks cannot describe what has actually happened over the past year at DC United.

Either it by design or by any other means, the opening ceremony of the Audi Field coincided with the comeback of Wayne, something that will be considered as the most remarkable moment in the recent history of DC United. The former Manchester United and England striker was most likely to make a huge impact in MLS, and that is one of his qualities which are undisputed, but many pundits predicted that he would bring a cultural change in the club in which he will go. For the finest part of a decade, certainly the decade following the landmark arrival of David Beckham in the states, there was a time when the MLS switched into an all-new era, and the DC United were not in their parallels for left to rot in a multi-use stadium which was crumbling and was not adaptable to soccer. While many of their opponents brought in the likes of Didier Drogba, Robbie Keane, and Thierry Henry, the club had to manage with players like Hamdi Salihi.

While the Red Bulls of New York and Philadelphia Union opened fascinating specific venues for playing soccer on the east coast, DC United owned RFK to Raccoons, Feral Cats and all.