Van Gaal Assures fans things will change

The man in charge at Manchester United, Louis Van Gaal, has assured the fans that they will get to see even better performances from the Red Devils than the one that they put up against the Queens Park Rangers at home yesterday.

United pummelled QPR by 4 goals in that game and for the first time in the league this season, secured full 3 points, but, for Van Gaal, it was still not a perfect performance.

According to the Manchester United boss, the analysis of the game of the players generally happens when they perform badly, but, it should happen also when they perform well. Even after a win, a coach should try and find out if there is any area where a particular player could have done better.

For example, Di Maria’s performance was brilliant as he set up 3 goals and also found the back of the net once, but, he lost the possession on quite a few occasions and that, according to Van Gaal, should not have happened.

Speaking in the press conference after the game, Van Gaal said, “When you win by such a margin, you have every right to feel happy and celebrate, but, it’s also important not to forget the mistakes that were made during the match.”

“This is the way we are going to play. We will be an attacking side. I want United to be the highest goal scorers when the season comes to the end.”

“I want the title of course. I might have to wait for a season or two for that, but, that’s my ultimate goal, to lift the league trophy as Manchester United manager.”