Is Wayne Rooney’s time in Stamford Bridge reaching it’s end?

Since ZlatanIbrahimovic arrived to Manchester United on July of 2016, he has become the main offensive force of the Premier League club while Wayne Rooney has consistently been dropped to the sidelines on a more consistent basis.

Jose Mourinho prefers utilizing ZlatanIbrahimovic alongside Paul Pogba and Juan Mata as those are the primary goal-scoring outputs of Manchester United in this season and it’s evident by the fact that those also are the players that have scored the most amount of goals so far.

Unfortunately for Wayne Rooney, he has been seeing more time on the bench than ever before and now rumors are starting to emerge that have been linking the English attacker to a move to another Premier League club.

One of the teams that have been recently linked with Wayne Rooney, Everton appears to be most likely where the Englishman might move in the near future.

Everton was the 1st top European club that Wayne Rooney joined and performed in at a consistent basis and when the current coach of Everton Ronald Koeman was asked about the possibility of signing Rooney, the Dutch manager praised Rooney and stated that he would be one of the players that could improve Everton the most.

“What will happen at the end of the season, I do not know? In my opinion he’s one of the players who can make Everton stronger than they are now. I still think Wayne Rooney is playing at a high level and he made a good choice staying at Manchester United and in the Premier League’’ Everton’s Ronald Koeman said.

Taking into consideration just how much time Wayne Rooney has recently been spending on the bench, it might be better off for him to end his relationship with Stamford Bridge as the career of the 31 year old attacker is entering it’ final stages and a summer move away from Manchester United is looking more likely.